“Our work is about the art, the magic, and the soul of a place.”

Great Design is Good Business

Whether you’re designing a modest cottage or planning an entire community, great design can make all the difference in a project’s success and return on investment.

At Smith2 Architecture & Design, we believe the design process should be enjoyable, creative and rewarding for everyone involved. We’re a Wilmington Architect and Design firm, our process starts with listening and remains iterative throughout. The projects we lead are designed for you, the client, with the end users and implementation in mind from the start. The places we plan together aren’t just beautiful, they’re practical.




Frank is incredibly talented. He and his team seamlessly integrate the practical necessities of a project to support desired design goals. He is a master of scale, proportion and including appropriate vernacular elements that make his buildings much more than a structure placed on a piece of land – they instantly become part of the community. Being practical and efficient throughout the process, Smith 2 delivers a good value. And, Frank is fun to work with, too!

- Bob Chapman, TND Partners


A balance between creative and problem solving, Frank has a great eye for proportion. Frank and his team nail development deadlines and troubleshoot any task at hand with great aptitude. Frank imaginatively tackles any challenge we throw at him. He is a pleasure to work with personally and professionally, always bringing a touch of needed humor to our communications!

- Lew Oliver


Having wanted to build a custom house for thirty years, Smith2 was able to distill decades of ideas and, more importantly, add the most distinctive feature, to bring into reality our dream home.

Working with an architecture firm provides so much more than a set of floor plans! Many thanks to Frank and his team.

- Jennifer and Rob Wilson